Endurance and Strength Building 30-Minute Kettlebell Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness

2022-03-11 08:25:13 By : Mr. Yuanbo Wang

Join fitness trainer Maxie Haase for a 30-minute kettlebell workout that includes alternating reverse lunges, crossbody reaches, plank holds, and a series of full-body kettlebell moves. In this workout routine, you'll focus on form and learn tips along the way to protect your neck and back while you exercise. To get started, find some space for you to move, and grab your kettlebell! POPSUGAR 15-lb. Kettlebell

With kettlebells, you can knock out cardio and strength in one highly efficient sweat session. Made of durable cast iron, this POPSUGAR kettlebell is covered with a neoprene shell that offers a comfortable, nonslip grip that also helps keep your floors damage-free.

Haase's outfit: Vuori Shoes: APL

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